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Fit For Footy is the solution to the big question in footy.


“I want to know what they do at the AFL or AFLW level, and how can I do the same?”


Whether you’re a 35 possession a game beast who wants to make that 40, or someone who enjoys a run with friends and just wants to stay in good shape, Fit For Footy is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Now with Fit For Footy partnering with the AFL we will bring you even more information, to help you be be the best you can be!

Presented by the best players, coaches and high performance staff at the AFL and AFLW level, Fit For Footy has all the information you need in one easy to follow app – and it’s personalized to your age, footy ability, fitness level and gender.

Our Co-Founder Patrick Dangerfield and our Director of Coaching Kevin Sheedy, have been instrumental in ensuring we provide you with the best people, knowledge and resources to ensure we are doing everything we can to help you be your best.

Fit For Footy has taken the training drills, tips and techniques from the best in the game and made them applicable to you.

Improve your skills, learn how to eat for footy, get the best strength and conditioning program for you – all with the help of the expert Fit For Footy team.

It’s all about personalised content and training at a time that suits you.

You wouldn’t play footy without boots, a ball or a mouth guard . . . and the Fit For Footy app will become the other essential part of your game.

Whether you always have beers and a pie after the game and just love playing footy with your mates, or want to train like they do at the elite level . . . Fit For Footy is for you.

We will help you become the best player you can be from whether you play local footy or are at the sub-elite level.

We’re gonna make training day fun!

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Fit for Footy is your access to the training drills, skills, fitness and nutrition from the best, so you can be even better on game day.

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