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Fit For Footy Ambassadors

Fit For Footy has been developed by experts and features some of the biggest names in the sport.


We give you access to the best players in the game who are now here to personally help you get better at footy.

We believe that with the best information and your effort, we can help you be a better footy player.

Our ever growing team of Ambassadors represent the biggest names in both the men’s and women’s game.

Fit For Footy’s Ambassadors cover a range of playing positions and player tendencies, to ensure we can help develop a variety of players, from local footy to the sub-elite.

Our Ambassadors all have a passion for helping develop players of all ages and abilities and have worked hard from their local footy days to make it to the elite level.

Our team will provide you with the best information to help you get Fit For Footy.


Our growing team of Ambassadors are here to help you be your best!

Alex Rance

Key Defender

Patrick Dangerfield


Josh Kelly

Wing/Half Forward

Erin Phillips

Midfielder/Half Forward

Dylan Shiel


Emma Kearney


Taylor Adams


Stephen Coniglio


Devon Smith

Midfielder/Half Forward

Will Hoskin-Elliott

Wing/Half Forward

Karen Paxman

Half Back/Midfielder

Jack Steele


Adam Treloar


Kevin Sheedy

Legend and Hall of Fame Coach

Tom Scully

Wing/Small Forward

Tom Scully

Wing/Small Forward

Elite Insights From The Best In The Game!

We bring you all the information written by the Coaches, High Performance staff and Sports Dieticians from the AFL and AFLW


Our footy drills help you work on your handball, kicking, tackling to name just a few. Whether you play in the VFL or are new to the game, we have personalised drills to the level of footy you play to help you be the best you can be.


We personalise your weekly strength and conditioning programs, and tell you when its best to do your upper or lower body weights sessions, or your conditioning sessions. It’s not just about having the best programs, it’s also about when you do them to get maximum effect.


We give you your daily diet program, 6 meals a day personalised to your age, gender, weight, and level of fitness. Your plan changes based on whether its a training day or rest day, the night before a game or game day!


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Fit for Footy is your access to the training drills, skills, fitness and nutrition from the best, so you can be even better on game day.

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