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Welcome to Fit For Footy’s COVID-19 Training Plan!


With some local Footy and training canceled we know it will be hard for you to keep training and maintaining your fitness.

Don’t worry we have you covered with our FREE app, with personalised training drills, fitness, and nutrition content.

Our App will allow Football players all over Australia to continue to remotely train and be healthy and are ready to play once games are allowed to recommence.

We designed your running programs to replicate how players train at the AFL and AFLW level. The programs build up during the week and then build up across the 12 weeks. Our goal is to develop your running ability, but also to ensure you do are less likely to get injured.

At the end of the running session, you can measure how far you have run and then compare yourself to AFL and AFLW players.

Level 1 : 1.05 km (Elite AFL Mids such as Tom Scully, Dustin Martin)

Level 2 : 980m (Key Position AFL Players such as Tom Hawkins, Jeremy Mcgovern; Elite AFLW Mids such as Erin Phillips; Elite State League Mids)

Level 3 : 910m (Big AFL Ruckmen such as Brodie Grundy; Key Position AFLW Players such as Taylah Harris; local footy player with a high level of fitness )

Level 4 : 850m (Local footy player with an average level of fitness)

Level 5 : 800m (Local footy player with low level of fitness)

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To find the running session you need to complete that day, go to the Weekly Calendar and press on Running for the day of the week that you are on.

The Running sessions usually consist of a warmup video and then the required running for the session.

We made sure your strength program was built up to match your running programs and help you improve your running performance. We also made sure you will build up the necessary strength to have a great season and minimise your risk of picking up injuries.
The nutrition plans were developed to help maximise the running and strength programs we have given you. We fuel your body to be able to run 3 times a week, whilst still building lean muscle and dropping some fat!

Here’s an example of one of the videos on the App! 

Free Running Programs For Footy Players