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What’s the best way to fuel and prepare your body for a game of footy?

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Day before a game

The best way is to start 24 hours before the game. The day before, you need to increase your carbs (pasta, bread, rice) and make sure you are well hydrated. Our app has meal examples for the day before the game.


Game Day

On game day, it’s important to eat carbs that easy to digest, that you have previously eaten. Some pre game meals include

  • Wrap or sandwich with chicken and salad
  • Bowl of muesli with yoghurt and berries
  • Pasta with beef mince in tomato-based sauce
  • Pumpkin soup served with bread rolls
  • Chicken stir-fry with rice or quinoa
Some players have a small snack 1-2 hours prior to the game. This should be light, high in carbohydrate and low in fat and fibre for easy digestion. Some suitable pre-game snack ideas include:
  • Yoghurt with fruit salad
  • Banana and a handful of almonds
  • Peanut butter on rice cakes
  • Toast with vegemite
  • Fruit smoothie
During the game
You should top up your energy levels by eating or drinking small amounts of carbohydrates throughout the match. Half time and quarter time provides a great opportunity to re-fuel.
Some players choose to have a snack like a banana or energy bar at the longer break; however, many players prefer not to eat solid foods during the game due to the intensity  of the game and for gut comfort. In these cases, sports drinks and energy gels can be helpful for topping up energy levels.
During the game, fluid is also important. You can use the breaks to drink fluid, but you can also access fluids during the game via the trainers on field.
Water is an ideal, however, as glucose levels (a sugar that powers your muscles) can run low during the course of a game, Gatorade can provide an extra source of carbohydrate as a fuel. Please remember the need for sports drinks will depend on individual needs and preferences.
After the game
Your meals should contain carbohydrate, some protein (for muscle repair and development) and fluids and electrolytes (salts) to replace sweat losses. Your recovery meal or snack should be consumed soon after training or matches to give you the most benefit!

After matches, some players often don’t feel like eating very much due to the how tough the game is on your body, but eating easy to eat carbs and protein containing foods after a match is important!  Fluids with carbohydrate and protein can be a great option in the early stages after a game when your appetite is poor.

Some recovery food suggestions include:

  • Chicken, avocado and salad sandwich
  • Dairy-based fruit smoothie or flavoured milk
  • Sushi with salmon or tuna fillings
  • Burritos with beef, cheese, avocado and salad
Share this with your mates so they can be ready to play games and help the team win with them performing at their best!

All images courtesy of AFL Media

Refrenced: Sports Dietitan Australia Website

We are live and FREE on the Apple App Store! Download now!
Android version coming soon.