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Round 13 Injury List

Get all the latest updates on your team’s injuries! Whether you want to know your when your favourite player is back, if you need to know the latest before putting in your office tips, need to change your Supercoach line-up, or are having a punt, we have all the latest info for you.


Luke Brown (ankle) 1 week

Brad Crouch (groin) season

Harry Deer (knee) TBC

Paul Hunter (ankle) 6 weeks

Riley Knight (hamstring tendinitis) 1 week

Rory Laird (broken hand) test

Sam Gibson (hamstring) test

Tom Lynch (side strain/ribs) test

Mitch McGovern (ankle) 5 weeks

Paul Seedsman (hip) test

Rory Sloane (foot) 1-2 weeks

Brodie Smith (knee) indefinite




Conor Ballenden (face) 1-3 weeks

Tom Bell (ankle) 3 weeks

Rohan Bewick (hand) 1-3 weeks

Charlie Cameron (ankle) season

Cedric Cox (hamstring) test

Matt Eagles (abnominals) test

Jack Payne (shin) season

Mitch Robinson (toe) 1-2 weeks

Sam Skinner (ACL) test

Toby Wooller (finger) test




Ciaran Byrne (quad) 1 week

Sam Docherty (knee) season

Matthew Kennedy (ankle) test

Kym Lebois (broken collarbone) test

Harrison Macreadie (hamstring) 1 week

Caleb Marchbank (ankle) 1 week

Marc Murphy (foot) 1-2 weeks

Tom Williamson (back) season




James Aish (knee) 5-6 weeks

Tim Broomhead (broken leg) season

Jamie Elliott (hamstring) TBC

Alex Fasolo (ankle) 3-4 weeks

Tyson Goldsack (knee) season

Kayle Kirby (heart issue) indefinite

Jack Magden (broken jaw) 2 weeks

Darcy Moore (hamstring) TBC

Ben Reid (leg) test

Josh Smith (hamstring) 4-5 weeks

Travis Varcoe (hamstring) TBC

Daniel Wells (foot) indefinite



Patrick Ambrose (calf) 1-2 weeks

Josh Begley (knee) season

Joe Daniher (groin) 1-2 weeks

Martin Gleeson (ankle) 1-2 weeks

Dyson Heppell (concussion) test

Darcy Parish (thumb) 4-5 weeks

David Zaharakis (collarbone) 6 weeks




Harley Bennell (calf) test

Taylin Duman (back) TBC

Brady Grey (hamstring) test

Bradley Hill (knee) test

Stephen Hill (quad) TBC

Griffin Logue (ankle) 7 weeks

Alex Pearce (thumb) 2 weeks

Aaron Sandilands (concussion) test

Hugh Dixon (ankle) 2 weeks

Brandon Matera (knee) TBC

Lee Spurr (knee) TBC

Sam Switkowski (hamstring) 2 weeks

Matt Taberner (foot) TBC




Aaron Black (knee) indefinite

Nakia Cockatoo (knee) test

Charlie Constable (concussion) test

Daniel Menzel (groin) test

Lincoln McCarthy (hamstring) TBC

Esava Ratugolea (broken ankle) season

Zac Smith (back) test

Harry Taylor (foot) test

Sam Menegola (back) TBC

Rhys Stanley (mouth) TBC




Michael Barlow (jaw) 1-2 weeks

Brayden Fiorini (leg) 3-5 weeks

Aaron Hall (pectoral) 8-10 weeks

Pearce Hanley (shoulder) 3-5 weeks

Kade Kolodjashnij (concussion) test

Jesse Lonergan (hamstring) 1 week

Darcy MacPherson (broken leg) 6-8 weeks

Steven May (ankle) 2-4 weeks

Tom Nicholls (shoulder) 7-9 weeks

Matt Rosa (hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Harrison Wigg (ankle) indefinite

Mackenzie Willis (knee) indefinite

Jack Bowes (quad) TBC




Daniel Lloyd (knee) TBC

Rory Lobb (ribs) test

Stephen Coniglio (concussion) test

Brett Deledio (calf) 5-7 weeks

Toby Greene (foot) 1-3 weeks

Tom Scully (ankle) 5 weeks

Will Setterfield (knee) season

Lachie Tiziani (knee) season

Zac Williams (Achilles) TBC



Grant Birchall (knee) 3 weeks

Changkuoth Jiath (groin) 1 weeks

Dylan Moore (shoulder) test

Cyril Rioli (family leave) indefinite

James Frawley (migraine) available




Jayden Hunt (ankle) 3-5 weeks

Neville Jetta (shoulder) test

Dean Kent (hamstring) 1 week

Jake Lever (knee) season

Corey Maynard (hip) indefinite

Oscar McDonald (concussion) test

Pat McKenna (hamstring) indefinite

Tim Smith (neck/ankle) test

Aaron vandenBerg (ankle) 3 weeks




Jed Anderson (hamstring) test

Braydon Preuss (hip) test

Ed Vickers-Willis (knee) season

Jarrad Waite (calf) test

Declan Watson (knee) TBC




Matthew Broadbent (ankle) TBC

Willem Drew (heel) season

Hamish Hartlett (knee) season

Sam Hayes (knee) season

Tom Jonas (hamstring) test

Jarrod Lienert (knee) 3 weeks

Trent McKenzie (quad) 2 weeks

Darcy Byrne-Jones (hamstring) test




David Astbury (ankle) test

Mabior Chol (broken foot) 5-7 weeks

Shaun Hampson (back) TBC

Bachar Houli (groin) 1 week

Oleg Markov (knee) 3-5 weeks

Dion Prestia (calf) 1 week


Blake Acres (groin) 1 week

Jarryn Geary (calf) 1 week

Ben Long (foot) 6 weeks

Darren Minchington (hip) 1 week

Lewis Pierce (hamstring) 1 week

Bailey Rice (concussion) TBC

Dylan Roberton (heart) season

Koby Stevens (concussion) season

Jimmy Webster (adductor) TBC



James Bell (hamstring) 1 week

Matthew Ling (toe) season

Lewis Melican (hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Callum Mills (broken foot) season

Sam Naismith (knee) season

Sam Reid (quad) 1 week




Hamish Brayshaw (knee) test

Jack Darling (ankle) 2-4 weeks

Josh Kennedy (Achilles) test

Malcolm Karpany (knee) 3-5 weeks

Eric Mackenzie (toe) test

Daniel Venables (Ankle) 1-2 weeks

Chris Masten (hamstring) test




Bailey Dale (foot) 2-3 weeks

Tory Dickson (hamstring) 3-4 weeks

Tim English (foot) 1-2 weeks

Tom Liberatore (knee) season

Dale Morris (knee) indefinite

Aaron Naughton (ankle) test

Liam Picken (concussion) indefinite

Jack Redpath (knee) 4-5 weeks

Clay Smith (knee) test

Matt Suckling (hamstring) TBC

Marcus Bontempelli (knee) test

Jackson Macrae (hamstring) 3-4 weeks

Toby McLean (shoulder) test

Lukas Webb (thumb) 3-4 weeks

Easton Wood (hamstring) 10-12 weeks

Tom Boyd (finger) TBC

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