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The things you may need to know

What is Fit For Footy?

Fit For Footy is an application or app that gives you access to the training drills, skills, fitness and nutrition from the best, so you can be even better on game day. Everything you see on the appcome straight from the players and staff at the AFL and AFLW and allow a player to train like and learn from the best.

Our content is personalised to your level of fitness, level of skills, and also your age.

Our diet plans are personalised to your age, gender, level of footy and weight.

Who is Fit For Footy best suited for?

The Fit For Footy App is best-suited people of all shapes, sizes and ages.

There is content for your gender, and level of fitness and footy. We have content suited to kids as young as 12 to adults who play Masters.

The app is especially aimed at grassroots local footy players all the way to the sub-elite. Footy players can use our content, but so can Coaches/Teachers, Parents, health and fitness industry professionals, as well as the Footy fan who just wants to get more physically active and healthier.

We recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn from the best and be the best, anyone that is willing and wanting to be healthier and more active, or anyone who looks after Footy players and wants to know how best to help them!

Why should I download this app? What’s in it for me?

This app allows you to view the very best training content, videos and programs covering all aspects of Footy. There are video-based drill demonstrations, as well as personalised strength, conditioning and nutrition plans.

By having professional AFL and AFLW players teaching you, it allows you to learn, repeat and be better for your next training session or game!

If you are a parent we have all the info that empowers you to help your child get the best out of themselves.

If you are a Coach or Teacher we have content that will help you plan and implement the best sessions for your players or students.

If you work in the health and fitness industry, we have strength, conditioning and nutrition programs written appropriately to players at all levels of fitness, genders, and ages. We will provide the programs so you can focus on the player.

When should I be using this app?

You should use the Fit For Footy App whenever necessary!

Some people will like the whole day and week planned out across Footy, Fitness and Fuel, whilst others will prefer to check in and look at different parts of the app when they feel like training. We cater to both of those needs!

We have content for every day of the week, modified based on when you play games and your main training day. Your content will be different depending on when your game day is, when your rest days are, and when you train during the week.

Access your personalised training program at a time that suits you and your busy schedule.

What equipment will I require?

We will let you know on the app all the equipment that is required.

We have created this app with training and nutrition for everyone! With that in mind, our strength and conditioning programs are written by High Performance Managers in the AFL, with the understanding that not everyone has access to fancy gym equipment. Whether you are in regional Australia or living in a big city, but don’t have access to a fully fit out gym, you will still be able to do all parts of the training.

AFL coaches and players have written our drills, ensuring you do not need fancy equipment or lots of people to help. All you will need is a footy and other basic equipment, and maybe your brother, sister or best friend!

What if I have food sensitivities or intolerances?

Our nutrition plans are not tailored to any intolerances or sensitivities. For more information on substitute or alternative ingredients/foods please seek out personal medical and dietetic consultation.

Do you provide calorie counts or protein, fat, carbohydrate levels in each meal?

Currently we do not provide such information for our meals.

All our meals have been prepared by an Accredited Sports Dietitan based on your age, level of footy, and bodyweight.

For tailored advice please seek out personal medical and dietetic consultation.

Does Fit For Footy have Social Media? If so, where I can follow you?

Yes, we do! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

How can I get in contact with Fit For Footy?

Please feel free to email us at:

You can also PM us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Fit for Footy is your access to the training drills, skills, fitness and nutrition from the best, so you can be even better on game day.

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