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Welcome to Fit For Footy – professional footy training on your phone!


We thought we would teach you a bit about the app so that you can get the best use out of it.

The app can be broken down into three parts – Footy, Fitness and Fuel

Daily Planner

This page is your daily planner.
We plan your day based on when you train and play games. That’s why we ask you that question when you get on the app for the first time. This can be changed in the Profile tab.
You can click through the various sections of Footy, Fitness and Fuel so that you can cross off all that is required for you to complete on any given day.

Weekly Calendar

splash calendar

The weekly calendar has been designed to replicate what AFL and AFLW players do during the week, so you can train exactly like they do.
We schedule out your week based on your training and game day, we’ll tell you optimum times in the week to be doing specific recovery, the various skills sessions, strength, conditioning and how you are meant to be fueling your body.
We’ll schedule each day for you so you just need to tap into the relevant section to check what you need to be doing.
Make sure you scroll across so you get to cover off all parts of your training day!
You can follow everything in the schedule, or pick and chose, it’s up to you.
We give you the best information, and its up to you to decide how seriously you want to take things.


This section allows you to find all the training information on the app in one spot such as training drill videos from the game’s superstars, and your weekly strength and conditioning programs!
Check in here to pick and chose your fitness programs for the week and get motivated to be your best.
This section os more suited to people that don’t want to follow the structured setup of the weekly calendar, or that want to quickly find an area to work on.


We have planned which skills are best for you to practice on the various days of the week, based on when you play games and train.

Fit For Footy have a special section called “Like a Superstar” where on your main training day, you will be taught by a Superstar player of the game.

Click on the instructions shown below your different skills videos so you can read exactly how to do the drill, how to make it harder and the key coaching points you need to ensure you are doing to get the most out of this drill.

Skills Videos

Med Ball Drill Splash Screen EDITED



Conditioning: When you are performing the conditioning part of your program in the week, pick one option out of Bike, Elliptical or Swim for each day. The RPE scale (Rate Of Perceived Exertion)tells you how hard each part of the conditioning set should be. The scale shown below helps match the numbers with how hard it should feel.

For example

Bike –

Warmup 5 mins RPE 2/10. This means you are on a bike, riding at a slow pace that is “Easy” as shown on the scale.

1 set x 4 reps

Each rep work 4 mins RPE 4/10. This means you pedal for 4 mins on the bike at an intensity that feels “Somewhat Hard” to you as shown on the scale.

Rest 1 min RPE 0-1/10. This means when you finish exercising for the 4 mins, you rest for around 1 min either completely (not pedalling) or slowly turning your legs on the bike that should feel “Very Easy” to you.

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale

Screenshot 2018-08-28 16.56.45

Recovery: It is important to ensure you are performing at your best and we have planned the best recovery methods, depending on when you last played a game.

We teach you all the areas to cover but its important to learn what works best for you.


Strength: Our high-performance staff from the AFL and AFLW have devised the best programs for specific ages and level of fitness.

Click on the instructions shown below your different strength videos so you can see what exactly you are meant to lift, as well as how to do the exercise.

Complete the exercises in suggested order for best results.

Strength Program

splash strength



Meals: We have personalised your meals to your age, weight, level of fitness and gender. Our Sports Dieticians have planned meals based on whether it’s your training day, a rest day, game day or the day leading into games.

Just follow the recommended meal plans in the Fuel section of the app.


Hydration: In the Fuel section, you will also see two sections under “Hydration”.

What you need to do is weigh yourself before and after your footy training, strength or conditioning sessions that you complete. For most accurate results, weigh yourself in just your underwear as clothing/shoes etc can hold onto water after a game making it look like you have not lost as much weight as you have.

Enter your weight before and after sessions into the space provided and we will tell you how much water you need to drink to make sure you are properly re-hydrated.